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Binexus Club has established Binexus coin Presales, you are also able to take part in Binexus coin pre-sales, also Binexus has been produced from this notion of incorporating platforms of mining, trading, preserving, affiliation application under only 1 domain Binexus coin was made on X11 algorithm, together with the attempt to provide exceptional crypto money on the industry. Binexus Club starts with Presales of Binexus coin offering 3 million of coins beginning with cost # 6-# 9 , in 3 slots , pre-sale reside for 1) month, if coins finish early, Masternode program starts after one month, much where all of buyers have potential to get Pro-Fit 5 percent to 10 percent annual.

COIN Title: Binexus
Coin Symbol: BNXS
Inner Trade: BinexusTrade Trade Binexus club
Exterior Trade: HitBTC / YoBit/CoinExchange
Coin Supply: – POW: 32,000,000

POS: 3,000,000
Algorithm: X11 script
Standard Price: # 10
Presale Value: $6
Mineable: Premined.

Since Binexus is hitting globally, thus is community is growing together with all the time and Increasingly More new manhood are hitting at the point of Binexus, since Binexus gain not just confined through Coping but also through affiliation and Masternode Program

BINEXUS software
Binexus Presales : open for only 1 month Together with its best chance
Masternode Activation: Outstanding selection for rescuing coins and making profit
Binexus Wealth strategy: Greatest Affiliation Program in the Marketplace.

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