Black Holes, Dark Matter and Common Sense


Even as a Child, I never Believed much of the Notion of Space like a Vacuum.

Aside from the philosophical concerns, it appeared obvious that, in case you’d Something adjoining to Nothing, something would rip itself apart attempting to fill nothing. So, so much as I was concerned, we had two Universes – that the Universe of the exact Big (the things we could see) and the Universe of the Very Little (the things we can not watch). Latter, at the 60therefore, when high-speed cyclotrons started freaking out sub-atomic particles such as confetti, I had my affirmation to the UVS.

At precisely the exact same time, throughout the 50therefore, the very first time that I watched a photograph of a spiral galaxy I however, “there has gotta be something quite thick” in its centre. A couple of years back I was fortunate enough to come across a semi-technical publication detailing the Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity and his Theory of General Relativity – in, of all places, the publication section of a local department store. In these times, the 60therefore, data proved to be a rare commodity – just three TV networks, quite restricted lending libraries, without any bookstore chains or computers or anything else coming the world wide web. If you did not reside in NYC, Chicago, LA or some college city you’re pretty far out of luck so far as information was worried. So I figured I would hit pay dirt and to this day I wonder this, for the moment, esoteric little quantity attained that lanky shelf.

I poured over the publication several a night with Poe’s The Raven echoing through my head as I worked through the mathematics. The publication also covered a number of the greatest consequences of the theories and among these implications grabbed my attention – that the destiny of stars bigger than 12 solar masses. In theory, they’d fall into Enormous Gravity Wells so heavy that even light couldn’t escape. The writer of this book did not purchase it called this thought as a mathematical apology. I did purchase it imagining that a spiral galaxy, watched the chance not just of a huge Gravity Well in its centre Rossby waves, but in addition the chance of a Supermassive Gravity Well powering the whole galaxy. I had my “really thick” something.

And that accounts for the name of the post – Black Holes (Massive Gravity Wells), Dark Matter (that the UVS) and the two of these being, on thought, only plain old Common Sense.

Black Holes

Except for after the development of Black Holes from the media and winching whenever someone called to The Vacuum of Space, The fantastic Void or the Emptiness of Space, I truly did not give either thought much thought before, about 1996, I started to wonder, “what created the Big Bang move Bang?”

I had always been a fan of the Large Crunch/Big Bang School, so I had always noticed our Universe(s) as resulting from the explosion of a Primordial Black Hole. However, what made that PBH go BOOM? And, since Black Holes were our nearest analog, I started wondering, “What will earn a Black Hole move BOOM”?

It did not take long to work out this, until I knew that the Singularity, I could not answer that question. The Singularity needed to comprise all the bulk of the Dark Hole while, in precisely the exact same time, squeezing every one the matter into something which had no limitation. When the Strong Nuclear Force is broken, we’ve got nothing which could stop the collapse of thing – but to what?

So, I started trying a variety of versions that would permit the Black Hole to keep mass when continuing an infinite collapse and nothing else worked. I kept this up for few years, off and on, until eventually, out of frustration, I envisioned myself leaping on a proton falling throughout the event horizon. The proton continued to spaghettify because we approached the Singularity, shedding power and mass, before, nearly there, Woosh! , we slungshoot around and sped back to the event horizon, gaining energy and mass across the way till, momentum invested, we dropped back to the singularity.

This was a jolt – Singularities are limitations, not points of infinite density, and Black Holes are maelstroms of matter, electricity and stress – not the tired version of Event Horizon, inert space and Singularity.

While I had not figured out Boom! , I’d have a workable design for the Black Hole itself which wasn’t just theoretically possible but provable also. When I was right, Black Holes would act as any other semi-spherical thing in the UVB – they’d bulge in their equators, wobble along their axis of rotation and “heartbeat” marginally, the event horizons varying because the ratio between energy and mass varies ever so small.

Giving myself a golden star, I slid this notion to a drawer to get a time – before the favorite press became enamored by Dark Matter.

Dark Matter

I am not certain when I first began hearing Black Matter but I do recall my first re-action: just how long can it take to your Cosmological Community to work out the UVS? As of this writing (May 2009), they have not.

My next response was to consider, “that I want to write down this stuff and place it to the Web”. The name did not take long but the material rattled around in my mind for a few years since I kept procrastinating.

Subsequently, about 2003-4, I started hearing about Gamma Ray Bursts and among those questions I had had about Black Holes has been replied. At the very time that I understood the “quite heavy somethings” in the middle of spiral galaxies were Supermassive Gravity Wells, I thought whether those SMGWs had anything to do with the creation of the galaxies too. I had the answer – Yes. The Gamma Ray bursts have been at precisely the ideal place (celebrity nurseries) in precisely the correct time (9 -12 or 13 billion years ago) to function as the birthing cries of not just Supermassive Black Holes, but of those spiral galaxies that could form them around and I thought, just how long can it take… Together with the exact same outcome and a renewed resolve to write down this stuff.

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