Mace Pepper Spray Gun – This Is a Specific OC Spray Product


Pepper Spray Background

Over the past 15 decades, there have been considerable technological improvements in pepper spray technologies. While the key active ingredient, oleoresin capsicum (occasionally called OC), has stayed the same, many distinct delivery systems are introduced to people like the pencil and keychain.

Both delivery systems have been shown to be exceptionally popular with customers and lots of experts credit these comparatively new delivery approaches for popularizing OC spray for the masses rather than a product just geared for the law enforcement community. It’s because of this that the general market size for customers buying OC spray has improved drastically within the past 10-15 years.

Mace Pepper Spray Gun Intro

Among the most crucial inventions in OC spray delivery technologies is that the Mace™ Pepper Spray Gun. Recently introduced by Mace Security International, the Mace Pepper Gun is among the most precise non-lethal self-defense applications available on the industry now best pepper spray guns.

Employing a “bag-in-the-can” technologies, the Mace rifle produces a ballistic, concentrated flow between 20-25 ft and may provide OC spray at any angle.)

Why the Mace Pepper Spray Gun is Particular

There Are Lots of reasons why we consider that the Mace™ Gun is exceptional:

1. The targeting flow of 20-25 ft is more than many traditional OC spray delivery methods. Ordinarily, a keychain’s range is up to 12 feet plus a conventional canister has a variety of 15-20 ft) This excess flow distance can be useful in raising the odds of a direct hit in your assailant by supplying additional response time to reach for the gun and pull the trigger.

2. Continuous flow at any given angle – with a continuous stream is crucial when seeking to guard yourself. Oftentimes, the victim is going to likely be accosted by the assailant and won’t maintain a position, vertical position. Because of this, shooting a OC spray canister might be debatable being on the floor. Possessing a continuous stream at any given angle increases the probability you’ll have the ability to ward off an attacker.

3. LED Light – there’s a trigger activated LED lighting which lets you accurately target at your assailants in addition to frighten and disorient your own enemies. This increases your odds of an effective direct strike.

4. Water exercise cartridge contained – we think that the capability to simulate and practice a dangerous situation utilizing inert OC spray greatly stacks the cards in your favor needs to a risky situation happen. Individuals are less inclined to be worried when reaching their keychain or their 2,3 or 4 oz OC spray canister whenever they have practiced. The Pepper Spray Gun is not any different. By practicing using the inert cartridge supplied, consumers may get acclimated into the sense of the rifle in the hand in addition to the quantity of pressure required so as to pull the trigger.


As a consequence of the exceptional attributes, we think that anybody searching for an advanced OC spray merchandise for self-defense needs to seriously explore the Mace Pepper Spray Gun.

The Mace Pepper Spray Gun comers in four distinct colours – black/blue silver, sky blue silver.

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